Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Room for Everybody

Sure, you've got bad groups and researchers in this field like anything else, but there are enough good ones that you can weed those out.

One thing I've noticed about the paranormal community is how nice everyone that I've met has been (so far). Enthused, excited, and hyped about what they do. I have always felt that there's room for more groups and researchers. That way info can be shared and eventually we'll have answers.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

OK, Enough Already

You know, I've been sitting back reading some stuff out there and in the end, you're just not going to win. Sure, you've got some real hacks and craptacular crackpots out there trust me, but that's with anything. I think that with ghosts and ghost hunting, the very subject matter itself is so up for debate that it's like a field day for crazies on both sides sometimes. Of course, some would say the same thing about me for even venturing to say that "Yeah, this s--t is for real." All I know is what I've experienced first-hand. It's all I can go by. I'm no nutso. I'm no crackpot. Your average Jane. Pretty darn sane and "normal"...

Sorry for the vent. Just how I'm feeling about it all today.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Theory & Science of Ghosts

There's so much to talk about regarding the science of ghosts themselves, so trust me, it will probably be something I will constantly address. Here are some of the biggest theories:
  1. Composition (ex.: that they are composed of or use electromagnetic energy)
  2. Time/Space
  3. Holographic theory
  4. the Mind

Here's a pretty good article in GHOST Magazine about it.