Saturday, September 30, 2006

Hard Clients and Hoaxing

In July and August, we did an investigation at a private residence in Waldorf. When we take on private residence clients, we try to screen them to make sure that a.) they aren't nutcases, b.) they aren't nutcases, and c.) they aren't nutcases. We really do try to check it out and help if we can. We don't necessarily want to restrict ourselves to more high profile cases at more high profile places. We enjoy private residences too, but some folks can make it hard. The team has endured homes reeking overwhelmingly with smoke, clients bringing folks in to watch like it's a "Come see the ghosthunters party!" and other things, but this was a new one even for us.

The young couple said they were seeing things go by in the hall, that things were moving and/or reappearing in other places. They seemed genuine, and the hard thing about this gig is that we deal with the paranormal. Having seen and experienced some crazy stuff in the course of it, you can't just rule it out entirely after screening without a prelim. We checked the place out, came up with some theories such as activity possibly being linked to their toddler (since a lot centered on the playroom), even got what we thought was a decent EVP, and the team agreed to another follow-up. The second time, there was nothing at all to make me think it merited a follow-up. No EVP. No readings. No nothing.

The group decided to go back and I didn't, as I went out of town. I wouldn't have if I was here. I just didn't think it deserved a 3rd visit. While there, one of our group members saw the client move something and blame it on a ghost. What?!

Hearing that, we were well, pissed. What was their motivation? To try to trick us? Let's play the ghosthunters for fools? A cry for attention? Why?

We do not get paid for this, so when we do homes, we truly want to help. We legitimately love ghosthunting and really want to help folks out who really do have issues going on in their homes--and there are folks who have some crap going down in their households that affects their day-to-day lives. So hoaxers, don't waste our time, please. It's such a hard judgment call already. Don't make it harder.