Saturday, January 28, 2006

Family Support

Someone once asked me what my family thinks about my ghosthunting. Well, they find it pretty interesting. It's kind of funny really, because I would jokingly describe them as "fundamentalist Baptists", LOL, religious enough that they probably should be up-in-arms about it, but they're not. The "interesting" part is that my family has had a history through the generations of "sensitives" and familiarity with ghosts/spirits. It has never been a secret or something spoken about in hushed tones. It's just an accepted fact. It makes it easy for me to talk about investigations or theories with them because of it, especially with my great-aunt.

See, they don't have a problem with ghosts, just the concept of ghosthunting. I know they support me wholeheartedly, but it makes them a little nervous. I can understand that. "Why do you want to look for them when they seem to find you just fine?" my grandmother once asked me. I don't know..why wouldn't I?

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Been a While...

It's been a while since my last post.

My group leader got hit by a car and broke his leg. It's safe to say he wasn't able to make our presentation at the Decatur House. It went well though and they told us it was the largest turnout for any public program they've ever had. I enjoyed talking to the groups about the hauntings and how history plays a part in trying to determine what was going on.

We're in the middle of a slow period right now, which is OK for me because I can focus on other things again before it picks up. I have an overnighter in MD coming up which should be pretty interesting. I'll keep you posted.