Thursday, March 23, 2006

Elementals: Interview with Barry Fitzgerald

I thought I'd ask Barry about elementals--which are something you might encounter while out in the field. Not to be confused with demons, elementals seem to have more of a connection with nature and beliefs about them can be found in cultures worldwide. In Ireland, for instance, there is a very strong cultural tradition involving elementals and you get a sense that there is truth to the legends. I asked him to talk about it for Ghosthunter L:

L: What is an elemental?
B: Elementals are creatures that dwell within the spirit realm of the elements, that simply means they are here & now but in a far different way than we can comprehend. Elementals are related to nature spirits that govern all nature some would believe. I have problems with that one. Earth spirits are known as Gnomes, Air spirits as Sylphs, Firespirits as Salamanders, and Water spirits are called Undines and inside these headings much the same as ghosts you will have layers of others.

L: What makes them different from other "spirits"?
B: I assume this is the spirits of humans you are relating too. Humans have been born, lived and died in this form of reality, they have not. On occasions it is possible for the two in their complete forms to mingle and this presents its own problems as they usually try and get you to go with them. In Ireland I will show you a doorway to one of these worlds.

L: What can cause an elemental to be present?
B: Elementals are present, as answered in question one but you must be referring to their physical presence. Usually there are invocations thatcan call these forward but I strongly suggest this is not done. I'm aware of a house were three Fire Elementals were called forward and they actually split the concrete foundations and walls of the property and the men were bounced off the walls. The fire elementals are the strongest of them all and hate to be told what to do and are hard to control. Someone who is very wise about the Paganism or Wiccan work may be able to call one forward. Care needs to be taken when calling theaid of elementals. Elementals are not always the helpful little creatures we'd like them to be, and can be mischievous, bad tempered little devils if allowed to get out of control.

L: What can stir them up?
B: Arrogance, destructive human traits in relation to their homes and the natural environment. Cornering one, not a good thing to do.

L: Is there any way to get them out of the location?
B: Yes there are things that can be done, more research can be gained from the Ancient Druids of America.

L:What makes them almost dangerous compared to other spirits?
B: Other spirits have not got the ability to control local enviromental condtitions, such as those in Leap and the Paris Catacombs. The Atmosperic pressures can cause heart failure, the salamanders can burn your property and the list goes on.

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