Monday, March 06, 2006

Elkton Post-Follow Up Investigation

It was much quieter this time. Since we were so successful with EVPs the last time, we ran a good amount of them. We had motion detectors set up and they did go off and no one was at that end of the house. Our science guy's a geologist and checked out the rocks outside to determine if they were local or imported and if they could've been used for a house's foundation.

I thought I heard footsteps going away from my end down the hall. I had the dog run up and down the hall to re-create it. It sounded similar, but the owners said the dog was in the room with them all night and they closed the door to keep her from doing that. We also checked the toilet to see if it could flush by itself and there was no way. It just wasn't built like that. I'll just have to chalk that up to the unexplained for right now.

Their 13-year old was present this time and told me about her experience seeing the apparition of a little girl. "I was taking the laundry upstairs and she was just standing there. It was pretty freaky and scary." I told her that I can imagine as it's always unnerving to actually see a ghost.

The family was very nice and their kids are great. The daughter was a little spooked by it all, but bore up well. Their son was like having a jr. ghosthunter. Very into it and helpful. I really enjoyed myself.

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