Sunday, February 05, 2006

Post-Overnighter: Elkton

Great family. Former ghosthunters themselves. Got some great EVP. The spirits giggled and said names--inc. that of the former owner of the home. Their daughter's room is the most active. Guess who got to sleep in there overnight by herself? Yup. You guessed it. I noticed that even though the room was physically cold, the temperature was no different than the rest of the house. I found that pretty odd. As the night went on the room got colder and colder, and I slept pretty badly.

It is near the main bathroom and at one point, I heard quick light footsteps going down the hallway and once I heard the toilet flush. I thought it was their 9-year old son, but my group leader said he never woke up all night. He thought it was me. I never left my room last night. Our other team member was sleeping in the living room and we don't believe it was him. It wasn't the steady, heavier footsteps of an adult we heard. The other thing is that I only heard the footsteps moving away from me, not coming down the hall towards the bathroom.

We think that there might be a military or sailor ghost. He's been there since before they moved in, but we think that when they put out their son's Navy photo the spirit started to show himself around that time. Perhaps he felt a connection? We definitely believe now that there's a little girl. We also think that due to the size and actions of the third, they're dealing with an earth elemental. A large, old tree was cut down in their backyard. In places such as Ireland, doing such is believed to stir up the sidhe (faerie folk) or earth elementals. A construction site was once halted because of belief of repercussions of cutting an old tree. I'll talk about elementals another time.

My job? We found evidence of old foundations. What was it? What else was on that land? Who are these spirits? A ghost historian's job is never done.


Ghosthunter said...

Interesting page! I've had a life-time of weird experiences like what you've described, but I'm still confused about it, so maybe I can learn something from your page. Do you ever get information on the deceased spirits who are supposedly haunting the place?

Elle said...
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Ghosthunter L said...

Sometimes it could happen. At this investigation, through EVP we at least found out that they were aware of who the previous owner was, which meant they (the ghost) had been there before the present owners.