Saturday, May 27, 2006

Spouses & Ghosts

You'll find that usually, a person's spouse is pretty long-suffering when you're a ghost hunter. I mean, unless you're a ghosthunting team, your significant other has to be a patient soul. We're talking evening investigations and sometimes overnight ones away from home. Ghosthunting can be quite a time commitment and it is definitely something to consider and take into account as one.

You come across spouses who are skeptical of the whole thing, despite the gung-ho with which their other pursues it. Then you have the ones who are resigned to their fate, lol, like my husband D. who is pretty okay with it all. I have been doing this for years and he enjoys watching all of the hauntings/paranormal TV shows and hearing the stories, but he says he's never experienced anything himself (and he's OK with that, lol). He even went to Ireland with me and stayed in haunted castles and visited Leap itself. Trust me, he was terrified every night--even to the point of once threatening to stay in the nearest town--but he hung in there and would even do it again. Some people like presents and all sort of stuff from their spouses, but one who will stay with you in haunted-as-hell castles?

Now that's love.

He has some theories of his own that I thought everyone would enjoy...

D.'s Theory of Places That Are Haunted:
  1. Jails
  2. Hospitals/Asylums
  3. Lighthouses
  4. Castles
  5. Victorian homes
  6. Anything that's been turned into a bed & breakfast--especially if it is a castle or Victorian home
I don't know, he might be on to something with the whole Victorian thing. What was it about that time period that most homes and buildings here in the U.S. seem to have a resident ghost? I think I'll discuss it in another post in the future.

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