Sunday, October 04, 2009

It's That Time of the Year...

This weekend I was sitting with friends, watching a slew of paranormal shows. Former ghosthunters themselves, they commented on how pervasive paranormal shows have become. Where once, shows like "Haunted History" and "Haunted Travels" and the occasional "Haunting in..." were the only ones, now they are a dime a dozen. We wondered if it was a good thing, in that the public was now used to seeing them. Does this make them more likely to believe it?

I was reading through this blog and smiled. I had a good time as a ghosthunter. I enjoyed visiting the historic sites and talking with folks. Sometimes I miss it.

I figured, I might as well revive this blog a bit. Post the case histories, maybe a few EVPs I caught over the years...who knows?

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