Friday, October 27, 2006

THAT Holiday

Oh yeah, it's coming!

For a ghosthunter, Halloween marks the time of year when everyone has spooks and haunts on the brain. I enjoy it because it means that the networks trot out their best (and not-so-best) paranormal documentaries and shows. I love "A Haunting...", for instance. Any of those "haunted places"-style roundups? I'm there parked in front of the TV in a cushy chair. If you've read my earlier postings, you already know what I really think about the average "Hollywood-ized" paranormal show (don't get me started on "Ghost Whisperer"), but the documentary, real ones? Love 'em!

Sure, I have a preference for the more true events ones, but I understand the pure entertainment value of others. What are your favorite ghost and hauntings shows?

Tomorrow the group's doing a local radio show and they're tracking us live during an investigation. I'll let you know how that goes!


lynne said...

I love "TAPS' Ghost Hunters" (of course), "A Haunting", and sometimes "Most Haunted".

But I love all things Halloween really...scary shows, movies, etc. I recently saw a theatrical version of "The night of the Living Dead" and I'm currently watching Bravo's "Top 100 Scariest Movie Moments".

Ghosthunter L said...

Tooooo much fun, huh? I love this time of year TV-wise.

Anonymous said...

"A Haunting", those are cool shows and seem fairly credible. TAPS was pretty good in Season 1 but they seem to be getting too much evidence now to be believable. They are still fun to watch, though.