Thursday, November 16, 2006

Ireland: Leap Castle

I watched the episode of Ghost Hunters on SciFi last night where they visited Leap Castle in Ireland. Above are photos of the famous oubliette in the Bloody Chapel and the door to the elemental's corridor that I took during my visit there with DCMAG and the knowledgeable Barry Fitzgerald in 2004.

I'll go more into the experience that is Irish ghosts when I talk about Ross Castle (brrr). Leap has had quite a history in terms of the paranormal. A bloody past, a lady of the house who tinkered around with calling forth things that she shouldn't have, and God knows what else, but Leap fits the criteria for a haunted place. We didn't have anything unusual happen during our 2004 visit, but the 2003 visit was more eventful. You can read Al's account of that first trip to Leap here.

More photos and info about Leap and our experiences are available here.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the only REAL Ghosthunters are T.A.P.S. Atleast they had REAL encounters and REAL Equiptment!!!
Sorry Not substitutions accepted!!

Elle said...

Hmm...just seeing this.

DCMAG was actually considered TAPS' DC Metro chapter and our group did investigations in Altoona and Gettysburg, PA with them before they got involved with the show and just before I came on board. I heard the guys were pretty cool and those investigations had been fun.