Friday, May 06, 2005

Who is Ghosthunter L?

My name is Lawana, a ghosthunter for almost 6 years. I have my own website at and that is what started it all. I never expected it would get so much attention or interest and I'm still shocked by it. All from that little site. I'm considered a national expert on ghosts and hauntings of the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. area and I have been featured in every major newspaper in D.C. (Post, Times, USA Today), national, and international ones. I was also interviewed by the White House about their ghosts for their official site. I'm just in this because I truly love it. I am also a member of DCMAG, the D.C.-Metro Area Ghostwatchers, a great local ghosthunting group. You'll see that I'll reference them a lot because, well, they're my group and friends. Who knew that my interest in ghosts and haunted places and history would lead me on this path and enable me to have such interesting experiences over the years?

I love what I do. I enjoy helping others and finding out more about ghosts and related paranormal activity.

I am a ghost hunter.

This is my blog.

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